Olga + San Diego = LOVE

Our trip to San Diego was lovely!


We got up super early and headed out to beautiful San Diego!

Raychel reading her Nemo book like always!

Little Oceana sleeping away.

The mountains on the Grapevine road were beautifully filled with snow.

We finally arrived at the Hyatt in sunny San Diego!

Our view outside from our room was beautiful, specially at night *

Once we got to the room we put on our PJ's and relaxed before bed time.


We woke up, and had some yummy breakfast there at the Hyatt!

After breakfast the girls and I headed back to our room while Ray went to his first day of his seminar.

Oceana was having so much fun playing in the crib (that the Hyatt provided)!

Once Ray got out of his seminar we went to little Italy to eat at Filippi's Restaurante. Their food was very delicious!


While Ray was in his seminar from 9-5, the girls and I went to go visit MELISSA! It was so nice to spend that time with her, she is amazing!

Raychel was sure having a good time, because lately she doesnt want her picture taken, but look at her in this picture!

Little OC with her sunglasses on!

Then we headed back to the Hyatt to meet Ray for dinner. We ate at Rokin' Baja. The food was alright.


The girls and I went for a nice walk, and after we met up with Valet and walked around the little shops behind the Hyatt. Valet also accompanies her hubby to these Mike Ferry seminars. We meet last year in Vegas. (another location Mike Ferry holds his seminars)

Valet and Raychel hanging out outside one of the little shops. Valet is so sweet, she has two little boys, and I cannot wait to meet them in Vegas this year!!

They had a carousel in the middle of all the shops, so of course Raychel got on it! she loved it! Raychel kept saying horsey, horsey.

After walking around all the shops we met up with Ray and went out to dinner at TGI fridays ;)

Then we headed back to our room and relaxed and watched American Idol!

Ps. The book that Ray is reading in this picture was such a great book, we both read it and finished it in like 3 days! It's a true story of a once homeless kid (his name is Robert) addicted to drugs, turned sober, self made millionaire by the age of 30. I met Robert while we were going to breakfast! Ray had already met him in the seminar and bought his book. It made the book even more exciting to read, because i actually met him and could put a face to his story!

Raychel is learning how to take pictures...she took this one of her sister, daddy and mommy lol!


We met up with Melissa for lunch at the Old Spaghetti Factory! The food was delicious!

Later that night like every night we went out to dinner with Ray. This time we went to a restaurant that one of Ray's friends owns. "Kebab Shop"

After dinner we headed back to watch American Idol (since it comes on twice a week). This was our last night in SD.


We woke up, had breakfast, packed and headed out!

After about a 7 hour drive we finally got home safe, Thanks to our heavenly Father, we unpacked, showered, gave the girls a warm bath and just relaxed until it was time for bed.

Home Sweet Home


  1. What a fun trip!! I'm so happy you are back safe and sound!! I can't wait to get the kids together, Rowan is almost crawling! I cant believe it. Send me your phone number!

    Also, i love all of the pictutres! you guys are the best looking family!

  2. It looks like you guys had so much fun! How did the girls do on the drive?

  3. - meagan i have tried e-maling you, but im not sure if you are getting them or not? that is so exciting that little Rowan is almost crawling!!!

    _Brittany i have also tried e-mailing you, but it sent it back :( .

    the girls did good on the road. Raychel watched her Barney in the car so that helped, and when we would stop to get gas we could get out and strech and i would feed little oc.


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