Our 3 Year Wedding Anniversary Trip to Napa!

Where do i begin?!

...Ray was surprised with all the events I had set up for us to do in Napa.

We arrived at Napa at about 10am and checked in to the Marriott where we were staying. We hung out at the lobby until about 10:30am when the Platypus bus came to pick us up to take us to different wineries to go wine tasting at. It was so nice seeing all the different wineries and being able to taste their wine. We meet a lot of nice people who were on the bus with us! we meet a couple who were on their honeymoon, a lady who was celebrating her birthday and another couple with their friends who came all the way from NYC. We had a great group on our bus! here are some pictures of us arriving at the Marriott and the wine bus tour!

All the wineries are so beautiful, we had a great time tasting their wine and seeing all the beautiful views.
On Saturday we got up early and went to our spa day!! We got Bud bath!! It was different, but it was relaxing! After the mud baths we cleaned up and got hour massages. Once our spa day was over we headed back to the Hotel and got ready for our wine train dinner!!!! While the hubby and I were getting ready, we heard a knock at our door...and there it was...our Champange and chocolate covered strawberries!!! We had a nice time enjoying our strawberries and champange before heading out to the wine train dinner.

Here are some pictures!

All in all we had a wonderful time just being with each other!!! we missed the girls so much that we woke up early Sunday and rushed to go get them!!! so blessed, love my family!


  1. I love love love all of the pics!!!!! It looks like you guys had a blast!We should all go wine tasting sometime! I want to go back to Napa so bad..we had our honeymoon there!

    Also, I love your dress (the b&w) one! So gorgeous.

    I met your sister today at church! She was so sweet. And she is such an amazing singer, I was blown away!

    <3333 Let me know when your free! So the babies can play =)

  2. It looks like you guys had an amazing time! I would love to go to Napa sometime too! You are beyond beautiful!!!!

    PS I love that B&W dress too!!!

  3. Thanks Meagan and Brittany!! It would be so much fun to go in a group of people, hopefully one day we can all go together!

    Meagan- Thats so cool you saw my sister! I told her to look out for you guys.

    I dont work anymore, so im pretty much always open! you let me know what days work for you to get the little ones together ;)


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