Late Nights

Ray got his swank chain...It looks so good!

It was getting late, so we were starting to get a little delirious!

Poor hubby, he was starting to rub his eyes, and when he rubs his eyes this means he is starting to get really sleepy!

See how sleepy he is... he can barley keep is eyes open for the picture!!

after a late night, and Ray getting extremely sleepy it was time to pull the plug and go off to bed.

Our late nights followed by our mornings....

Raychel screaming her head off, because she got woken up too early, Oceana is as happy as can be (since she slept the whole night!), Ray poking his head out probably thinking..."Oh Olga, pictures before bed, pictures in the morning.. what next?!" hehe. Me as happy as can be for another glorious day with my family! Thank you Jesus!


Elizabeth's Birthday

For Elizabeth's Birthday, the girls and I met Elizabeth, Rosa, and Nana at the Cheesecake Factory! Rosa and Nana are like sisters to Elizabeth and I, we love them so much!

We had a great time at the Cheesecake Factory celebrating Elizabeth's 28th Birthday! It was so nice to spend that time with all of these lovely ladies! I <3 them!

make a wish!

Raychel pretending to be Alicia Keys!

Now Oceana's turn!

Rosa & little OC

Raychel day dreaming away!!

*Love you Rosa & Nana!


Dear Ray,

Its only been 31 hours since you left on your business trip and I already miss your face. The good thing is I will see you in about two hours!

*I can't imagine how some wives go weeks, months, even years without seeing their husbands. They are very strong women! But what an amazing feeling they must feel when their husbands finally come back home!!

Honey after we dropped you off at the airport Raychel kept saying, "daddy avion, daddy avion", and I kept saying, "Si Raychel daddy se fue en el avion." And later that day we stopped by your sister house for a little bit, and then we went over to my moms, and everywhere we would go she would tell everyone "daddy avion, daddy avion."It was super cute babe! she loves you so much!!!

Honey I was remembering your DHL days and the people who you worked with, and i was just thinking about how far you have come from your DHL days and how much further you are going to go! i am so blessed to be able to go on this journey with you! You are such a great Realtor, you are honest, trust worthy, you work hard for your clients, and us. You put your heart in your work! You are amazing! I respect you greatly! I am so proud of you babe!!! I am grateful that you are a hard worker, and you strive for success, but at the same time we are enjoying the journey of getting where we want to be!

Babe, because of you, you make me a better person, a great women... I believe that's why God put us together! We make a great team! You are my best friend, my soul mate, my everything!

Honey I am so excited to see what God has in stored for us...am excited to watch our kids grow and become adults....am excited for "US". We are going to be those old couple that we see and say, "look babe that is you and me when we get old." and there walking in-love, full of joy holding hands! That is going to be us honey! I know, I know you are going to get a face lift so you wont look old and wrinkly hahaha. God is amazing, and I know He has GREAT plans for us!!

*Jeremiah 29:11-12
"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and future."

Boo hurry home!! This house feels so lonely without you!! We love you! Cant wait to pick you up and make the peanut butter and jelly family whole again!!!! xxoxoxox

Love, your wife


Weekend Recap

This past weekend was very nice!

Saturday morning Ray and the girls had some bonding time, while mommy went to the English Rose in Pleasanton to celebrate Meagan and her friend Jane's birthdays! It was such a wonderful time talking with some lovely ladies and drinking some delicious teas!

The food was abundant, flavors melded beautifully!

MmMmMmm..I want some more just seeing this picture!

The two birthday girls...

Meagan with her huge cake!!

At the tea party they had a contest, that whoever had the craziest hat would win a prize!! and the winner was meeeee!!!!!! woohoo! Thanks to my mom for the idea of putting fruit on the hat and for helping me put it together!

All the ladies from the tea party!

* while I was at the tea party, Ray went over his buddy's house so Raychel can have a play date with Joziah!

After the tea party I meet up with my honey and our girls to grab a bite to eat at the Cheesecake Factory!

Daddy feeding little OC while we wait for our table.

Daddy had to grab something we need from the car,so of course daddy's girl didn't want to stay with mommy she wanted to go with daddy!

Our lunch was very delicious!!

"Raychel we know the food is super delicious, but please dont stuff your mouth!" hahaha

Full Tummies = Happy People!

The prize for winning the craziest hat contest was........
A STARBUCKS card! so, of course I went and got me one after our lunch at the cheesecake.

The winning hat...

Raychel wanting to be like mommy with the hat!

mommy striking a few poses! hahaha

Once we got home we just relaxed for the rest of the day.


we went to church and ran errands pretty much all day. We went to a home Ray needed to see in Pleasanton, then we went to
Then had lunch at... Got me a...
Then we headed to Ray's office
... and finally back home. We had reading time as a family, and then just relaxed and watched TV. =)

*It was a very nice weekend with friends and family!!!


Honeymoon Memories!

Our Honeymoon to Spain and Morocco!

Our hotel in Spain by the beach!!!

Spain is absolutely GORGEOUS! Everyone in Spain is always dressed up, you never see anyone wearing sweats and tennis shoes!

NOTE: I cannot find our other pictures on the computer while we were in Spain.. only the ones up at the top =(. * If you come over to our place just ask us and we will show you the rest!


Morocco was an interesting experience! Specially this one situation that happen to Ray and I, It's to long to explain, so again just ask us in person and we will tell you!!

*if you go to morocco just be careful, always stay with your group!!!!!

Our first camel ride...kinda scary!

These men were doing a snake show for us! this was also kinda scary!

After doing a little walking around the town our tour guy took us to eat some moroccan food.

I sure married a good looking man!!! SEXY! best of all he has a great HEART!

Here we go....

After lunch we walked around to some of the shops they have.

They were trying to sell us carpets...No, thank you! They sure were pushy on getting us to buy!

Hair cut anyone?

At a candy shop...I think..or maybe it was spa products??

A picture of Ray and I after our scary incident. No wonder we look so pail! Goodness my heart sure was racing!

This guy wanted us to buy some junk and he was so pushy...ray was like,"No we dont want to buy!! But here get in the picture, picture with us" So, we took some silly pictures with this dude!

It got so crowded in the evening!

Some little boys hanging out..

All in all Morocco was a very exciting experience! Beautiful views!

After Morocco It was finally time to head back to Spain...Thank GOD!

Spain was so much fun, so many beautiful places! We stayed in Spain for 7 days! Wish I had those pictures to post them for you all to see.

This picture was us going back home to Cali! Home sweet home!

We actually slept at the airport! hahahaha...never again will we do that! We slept in this play mat for kids hahahaha! GOODNESS!!

Our honeymoon was AMAZING!! Ray and I have decided that on our 10 year anniversary we are going to re-new our vows in Fiji or Hawaii.. some place on the beach!! so if you would like to come... save up your money!!!