Busy Saturday = A Relaxing Sunday

Saturday afternoon we headed out to Joziah's 2nd Birthday party. It was nice seeing Raychel play with all the kiddos, and hanging out with friends!

The little Birthday boy hitting the pinata. Go Joziah!

Raychel with her little bag waiting for the candy!

Joziah didn't want his picture taken, he was ready to go hit the pinata again!

The mommies and Oceana!

The Daddies!

Jen and Randy.

Raychel hanging out with the big girls.

We couldn't stay long at the Birthday party, we had a dinner award ceremony to attend for "Bay East".

Ray was Rookie of The Year for 2008, so this year he had to present the award for the 2009 Rookie of The Year.

The Award Ceremony to place at....

We just got done eating a delicious chicken and ravioli dinner! now, we were just waiting for Ray to be called up to present the award!

Ray presenting the award!

Then it was off to pick up the girls and call it a night! What a busy saturday we had!


We woke up..I made some breakfast for us to eat, and then we got ready to head to church!

Raychel outside our church.

Leaving church and heading home.

Ray being silly, because I kept taking pictures!!

We got home and just relaxed all day. Ray was haning out in the living room playing with the girls and making them laugh. We watched a little bit of the Grammy's and then off to bed we went.

Raychel still learning how to take pictures...

mommy say cheese!!!

Daddy playing with the girls!

Ray Rough housing with Raychel! Guys are always so rough!

Busy, but a fun weekend! Next weekend will be a busy one as well!! Saturday is my mother-in-laws b-day dinner and Sunday church then watching the Super Bowl at Rich and Dawns house! should be a fun weekend!

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  1. you guys are so cute!! and I love your page.. its really cool =)


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