A Day at the Park

It was such a nice day out, and Raychel has been playing indoors these past days so... I decided to take my two little angels to the park!

Raychel loved swinging on the big girl swing!

Oceana's first time on a swing and she loved it!

Our little peanut!

Raychel having tons of fun on the little slide!

Go Raychel!

Then she decided she was ready for the BIG slide!

Here she comes!!


Both of the girls had such a good time at the park, I need to start taking them more often!

* love seeing my little ones have a good time!

Once Ray got home from meeting clients and door knocking Raychel showed daddy the pictures of her and Oceana playing at the park and we filled him in on how our day went.

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  1. Looks like fun, we love outings to the park, they are the best!!


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