Late Nights

Ray got his swank chain...It looks so good!

It was getting late, so we were starting to get a little delirious!

Poor hubby, he was starting to rub his eyes, and when he rubs his eyes this means he is starting to get really sleepy!

See how sleepy he is... he can barley keep is eyes open for the picture!!

after a late night, and Ray getting extremely sleepy it was time to pull the plug and go off to bed.

Our late nights followed by our mornings....

Raychel screaming her head off, because she got woken up too early, Oceana is as happy as can be (since she slept the whole night!), Ray poking his head out probably thinking..."Oh Olga, pictures before bed, pictures in the morning.. what next?!" hehe. Me as happy as can be for another glorious day with my family! Thank you Jesus!

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