Snow Day

On our way to the SNOW!

Raychel wearing mommy's sunglasses.

Oceana is ready to see the snow!

We arrived at Sierra High!

Ray and I ready to go on the slopes!!

what a gentlemen...Ray pulling my tube up the hill <3

After a few rounds on the slopes with just Ray, Elizabeth, and I, it was time to take little Raychel on her first slope ride!!

up the hill we go!

Raychel helping auntie Elizabeth pull her tube up the hill.

Raychel loved going down the slope on our tube!! It was so much fun, Ray got on a tube, Elizabeth got on a tube and Raychel and I shared one tube and we all held on to each others tubes and went down the slope together!!! It was a blast!!!

After going on the tubes for quite a while we decided to go get Oceana and just play in the snow!

Ray and Raychel sliding down a small hill of snow

They had so much fun sliding down that little hill!

Raychel and I built a small.. big nose.. weird little snowman.

Elizabeth and Oceana hanging out.

The little weird snowman did not last long, Raychel decided to destroy him.

We put the girls in one tube and daddy pulled them around the snow. they loved it! Specially little Oc.

The sisters! One day this will be Raychel and Oceana!!

The hubby and I before we got into a snow fight!!!

The hubby after our snow fight!

Thanks to my parents, Ray, Elizabeth and I got to go down the big slopes a few more times before heading back home!!

We had a wonderful time at "snow play!"


  1. Where is that place? I think we are going to head to the snow next weekend...hopefully!!! I can't wait to take Izzy, she is such an outdoor girl I think she will have a blast.

  2. It's in a town called Strawberry, its as if you were heading to Sonora/Yosemite. I will give you the wedsite so you can look it up! It was so much fun! Izzy would love it!


  3. Oh, thanks. I was trying to find somewhere that would be good for her. I used to go to Strawberry all the time when I was younger, but we never went to a snow park. Looks like fun, we will have to check it out!


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