On Sunday we went over Rich and Dawns house to watch the Super Bowl! It was such a fun time eating all the yummy food and watching the game!! Such a good game!

Dawn sells Swank Jewelery and she had it out, Ray and I saw the doggy tags they have for the dads, and decided to get one for him! I already have one that has Ray, Raychel and Oceana on it! Raychel's and Oceana's has their bith stone on the bottom. Anyway, so we picked one out for Ray! He is getting two, one is going to have the girls names and their date of birth on the back, (we are leaving a gap on the bottom for baby number 3) and the other one will have my name and our anniversary date on the back! The one with the girls names will have the rubber around it and the one with my name will not. I am super excited to see how it's going to turn out!

you can see the rubber doggy tag and the none rubber one, those are the ones Ray is getting, but of course the chain will be longer!

I love swank!

The Swank ladies!

On a different note...The Game COLTS VS SAINTS was sooo good, it was such a close game!!!

Ray and I wanted to see the Colts win, but unfortunately they didn't. The Saints played great, so they deserved it.

We had a very nice weekend with family and friends!
Cant wait for next weekend...we are taking Raychel and Oceana to the snow for their first time! -Leland High Sierra "snow play" www.snowplay.com


  1. I dont even like football but I thought it was a great game. People here were going crazy after the Saints won...

    Snow!!! How fun! Aidan has been out in the snow before because it snowed in Italy and it snowed here this year and he thought it was so cool. He would have stayed out and played in it forever but Mommy got cold :)

  2. I just looked at the Swank Mommy website they have some really cute stuff! I might have to get something once I have this baby.

  3. Yeah you should!! Their stuff is really cute!

  4. I have a swank mommy necklace with Rowan's name. I want one with Garrett too. That is such a cool idea!!! I didn't know they had a mens line!!

    I cant wait to hear about your snow trip! I want to go to the snow sooo bad!!


  5. -meagan

    You should get one with your hubby's name too!

    Yeah they have a mens line too. the doggy tags look really cool once they have it on. There was these two guys there at super bowl party wearing them and it looked really nice on them.

    You guys are more then welcome to join us to the snow this saturday ;). I am super excited!!


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