Updates on Raychel!

Raychel is 2 years and 2 months old today!

Hopefully soon she will get over not wanting her picture taken!

Raychel loves playing with the big girls! I guess it makes her feel like she is a big girl too!

She loves playing mommy! She gets her little baby doll and pushes her around in the stroller.

Raychel is a daddy's girl!!!

This girl loves playing in the bath tub with her sister!

she is a reader!

Raychel with auntie Elizabeth! Elizabeth and I were saying that Elizabeth is Raychel when Raychel gets older! lol.

*Those are a few little updates on Raychel and what she loves doing!


  1. Yay Raychel! She is such a gorgeous little girl. love the one of her and Ray. That is the sweetest picture. And I love her little facial expressions!!!

  2. PS I want to see more old pics of you and Ray!! =)


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