~Valentine's Day~

On Valentine's Day morning I got myself and the girls ready for church. V-day Sunday was my day to help out in the nursery. Ray stayed home from church (he had to catch up on some work). Since I was busy getting myself and the girls ready to head out to church the hubby made us some breakfast burritos! It was so sweet of him!!

*The girls and I got daddy a nice little love card! Raychel and Oceana signed it hehe! Ray loved his V-day card, he gave us butterfly kisses.

Once church was over... the girls and I headed back home. When I opened the door to get into the house the first thing I seen was these BEAUTIFUL red roses, a card, and huge heart balloon!!!!! It was so sweet! Inside the card it said some beautiful things I wanted to hear! It also said that I need to be ready by 3, because we had reservations at Maria, Maria!

Love the big balloon! I can just picture Ray walking out of the store holding this huge balloon lol!! Love it!

LOVE my beautiful roses!

loved the V-day card!

Maria Maria is a very nice casual elegant restaurant that serves Mexican / Southwestern, Latin / Spanish food. Their food is amazingly good!!


After a nice late lunch/ early dinner we headed back home to relax with our girls.

It was such a nice day out that we decided to take a walk with our little ones outside our beautiful gated community! (we will soon be moving to Pleasanton... I am going to miss our beautiful views we have here)

The girls just enjoying the view.

sister love

Raychel loves being outside.

Are view outside our patio!

V-day was perfect...nice and relaxing!


  1. When will you be moving? Are you guys buying, or renting this time? Sounds like you had great Valentines Day, such a thoughtful hubby!!

  2. WHat a wonderful vday. Your hubs is so romantic. You guys are perfect!!!


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