Weekend Recap

This past weekend was very nice!

Saturday morning Ray and the girls had some bonding time, while mommy went to the English Rose in Pleasanton to celebrate Meagan and her friend Jane's birthdays! It was such a wonderful time talking with some lovely ladies and drinking some delicious teas!

The food was abundant, flavors melded beautifully!

MmMmMmm..I want some more just seeing this picture!

The two birthday girls...

Meagan with her huge cake!!

At the tea party they had a contest, that whoever had the craziest hat would win a prize!! and the winner was meeeee!!!!!! woohoo! Thanks to my mom for the idea of putting fruit on the hat and for helping me put it together!

All the ladies from the tea party!

* while I was at the tea party, Ray went over his buddy's house so Raychel can have a play date with Joziah!

After the tea party I meet up with my honey and our girls to grab a bite to eat at the Cheesecake Factory!

Daddy feeding little OC while we wait for our table.

Daddy had to grab something we need from the car,so of course daddy's girl didn't want to stay with mommy she wanted to go with daddy!

Our lunch was very delicious!!

"Raychel we know the food is super delicious, but please dont stuff your mouth!" hahaha

Full Tummies = Happy People!

The prize for winning the craziest hat contest was........
A STARBUCKS card! so, of course I went and got me one after our lunch at the cheesecake.

The winning hat...

Raychel wanting to be like mommy with the hat!

mommy striking a few poses! hahaha

Once we got home we just relaxed for the rest of the day.


we went to church and ran errands pretty much all day. We went to a home Ray needed to see in Pleasanton, then we went to
Then had lunch at... Got me a...
Then we headed to Ray's office
... and finally back home. We had reading time as a family, and then just relaxed and watched TV. =)

*It was a very nice weekend with friends and family!!!


  1. Your hat was amazing! I'm so glad you won! You guys have such good bonding time. i love that.

    Thank you so so much for coming. I'm looking forward to more girl times ahead and double dates and baby play dates =)

  2. Im so jealous I love that place! CAN NOT WAIT TILL JUNE!!!!

  3. Brittany... I wish you were there!!!!!


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