40 Joy-Producing thoughts

1. I expect the best, and it shows!

2. I trust God; my faith is strong.

3. I am responsible.

4. I take deliberate action to reach my goals.

5. I now accept the best that life has to offer.

6. I am a new creature through Christ!

7. My metabolism works effectively.

8. I stay lean even as I age.

9. I believe in the most perfect outcome of every challenge in my life.

10. I'll figure out how to earn it.

11. I am healthy and strong.

12. I have boundless energy!

13. I surrender myself with winners.

14. I experience abundance now and forever.

15. God has great plans for me!

16. I am grateful for my unshakable faith.

17. Everything I need, I already have.

18. My brain works perfectly.

19. With God, my future keeps getting better.

20. My memory is crisp and vivid.

21. I change what I need to change.

22. I let go and let God.

23. I am making progress.

24. I control my thoughts.

25. I am transformed by the renewing of my mind.

26. I pray for others.

27. With Christ, I am unstoppable.

28. I can improve this situation.

29. I ask, and I receive.

30. I learn Scripture easily.

31. I am supercharged with joy.

32. I am ready for a breakthrough.

33. Day by day my marriage is growing stronger.

34. I act consistently with my faith.

35. I am bold.

36. I am lovable.

37. I think about what is good, just, and gracious.

38. I am learning a lot through this experience.

39. My lifestyle supports unshakable faith.

40. I surrender myself and my future to God, and I trust him.

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  1. I like these!! Especially when your having a bad day, these babies will come in handy!!



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