Baking with Raychel!

Raychel & Mommy baking some yummy crescents!

I have been craving these for a while, so while I was grocery shopping I made sure they were first on my list!

Raychel helping me open the crescents...

Yay, we got the dough out!

Raychel loved playing with the dough and squishing it between her fingers haha!

note: We threw that one away!

So we rolled them up and put them in the oven!

after about 11 minutes in the oven the house was starting to smell so good!!! we put on our mittens and got them out!

ummmm they were delicious!

It was so nice to have Raychel and Mommy time together!

We both enjoyed doing some fast and easy baking!


  1. How fun!!!!

    I looove crescents!! They are so good. yum!

  2. Those are my favorite. It's so much fun to do easy baking projects!!


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