Blurb, you are my new best friend!!!

Thank you so much Brittany from "A life to long for" for sharing the Blurb info! Blurb is so cool! Ok, so I love to scrapbook (on the computer) and make photo albums of my family. Its easier for me to do it on the computer, and this way I am more organized. Im not really into going to the store and developing my pictures and putting them in albums, because it will never get done! hahaha! I have been using Picaboo, but I have been doing twice the work! With Blurb I can slurp everything I have posted (you can also choose what postings you want if you dont want them all) from my blog to BookSmart (Blurb).  Slurp is Blurb's word for the process of getting images and text from where they are stored "like on Blogger" and loading all automatically into BookSmart, all in one fell swoop. This is so cool!! It is totally making my life easier!!

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