A Day at the Park Part II

It was such a beautiful day out, so I took advantage and took my little angels to the park!

Now, she will let me take her picture!!

Here she comes!!

Here comes little peanut!!

My beautiful girls!

Oceana doesn't really like how the grass feels. Its too funny.

A Day at the Park part I



  1. The girls are gorgeous<33

    Cant wait until We get Rowan together with them at the park!! I have every other Friday off and Saturday mornings..what days work for you?

  2. Hey girlfriend! Yes, it would be fun to get the little ones together for a park day! Fridays and Saturday mornings work great for me :)

  3. Just saw your comment on my blog! I am also encouraged by your blog...it's great to see other young families who love Jesus! :)You sure do have some beautiful baby girls!!!


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