Dinner with The Chavez Family!

Saturday night we met Martin & Lorlie at The Dead Fish for dinner. This was mine and Ray's first time at The Dead Fish restaurant. Martin and Loralie said that the crab was delicious and they recommended us to order that, so we did! It sure was a lot of work getting the meat out, but it was well worth it!

Martin & Lorlie

Little Oceana barley made it in the picture!

We each got a Crab!

Ray putting his bib on! (which we both ended up not wearing, since we ripped them somehow??)

Get that meat out Martin hahaha!
Lorlie you look so cute!

Oceana munching on this huge bread all to herself!

Loved having dinner with the Chavez fam! They are amazing people who love the Lord, and over all, they are just great, fun people to be around with!

Every time we see them it reminds me of the time when Ray and I were first dating, and they invited us to their BBQ party, it was so much fun they had karaoke, great food, we watched a movie, and over all, we all just laughed and had a great time. After that BBQ Ray and I just felt more in love with each other! the sparks were no longer sparks, we were on fire!!

Thank you Chavez family!

PS. their daughter Mercedes didn't make it to dinner, Next time!


  1. So yummy!!! I LOOOVE crab! I have never been there!!!

    Looks like you guys had a blast =)

  2. I finally found your blog... I love it. I love the music, pictures, it's great. Thanks Olga we think you guys are amazing too. We had a good time that night and everytime we see you guys. I love encouraging, postive, Godly people and that you guys are.


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