{Growing Up}

Growing up Elizabeth and I, then our little brother Ernesto, grew up going to Concannon Vinyard where our dad and mom worked. Mom no longer works there, but our dad still does. Our dad and mom would always take us to Concannon and we would just run around and play. We would also have lunch there as a family. My mom actually had her baby shower there when she was expecting our brother Ernesto, and I had my quincenera party there. ( I cant believe I actually had a quincenera hahaha) (those of you who dont know.. a quincenera is kinda like Sweet Sixteen, but latin people celebrate it at Fifteen.)

We have so many video tapes of us at different ages playing there. We really dont have any pictures, but we sure do have a lot of video of that place. When Elizabeth and I were in high school we would go have lunch with the parents and most of our summer we would spend it over there.

Now my little ones are also growing up there! My dad says that it brings him back to the days when Elizabeth and I were just little girls running around and playing. Its nice seeing my little ones also enjoy growing up where me and my siblings grew up!

They are doing weddings there now!! Oh, how I wish I could have gotten married there, it has so much meaning to me, and its just beautiful.

Last Friday the girls,  my mom, and I went to visit my dad at Concannon to have some lunch....

My dad was very happy we had lunch with him!



  1. That is so cute!! I love Concannon!!!! We should go there sometime.

    I'm so jealous they are doing weddings there now!! My parents got married there and when we were getting married in 06 we called and they were not doing weddings there at the time. DANG!!! Maybe one day we will renew our vows =)

    Your family is awesome!

  2. That is so sweet! I wish I lived near so we could all play together!!! One day in June me and and meg (and all the kiddos) need to get together and do lunch and playdate!

  3. YES! When you come to Cali, we all need to get together!!! <3


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