Lunch with Clarissa and Bye Bye Blonde!

I met Clarissa at the Cheesecake Factory for some girl bonding time! She is such a sweet girl, I love her so much!!! She has such a lovable heart!!

We had a great time, great lunch, and great conversations!

Take two...Oceana wasn't looking....

Take 3...Raychel wasnt looking...wait never mind forget it, we will be here for hours hahaha!

After a wonderful lunch with Clarissa, I went to my sister-in-laws to say bye bye to my blonde hair, and hello brown! I always go back and forth with blonde, brown, blonde, brown, we will see how long the brown lasts!

Now I look more like my girls :)



  1. I LOOOOVE your hair brown. It is gorgeous.. You do look so much like the girls with dark hair!!!


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