Ray's new office location!

Before going to Ray's new office, I took the girls to get some frozen yogurt at the mall.

Raychel ended up getting strawberry ice cream and I got the chocolate frozen yogurt!

Raychel really enjoyed her strawberry ice cream...

she was even sharing it with her sister!

I was wondering if Oceana was even going to like it....

The verdict was.... It was cold, but she liked it! hahaha!

After a while Raychel wasn't really feeling her strawberry ice cream, so she took mine!! Smart girl!

Once we finished up our yogurt/Ice cream we headed out to Ray's new office! As I was getting the girls into the Escalade, Raychel was asking for my chap stick, her words "lipstick" I guess she wanted to look extra pretty for daddy!!

I strapped the girls in and off we went!

Raychel making some silly faces.

Arriving at Ray's new location....

Raychel walked right in...

looked up daddy on the computer...

located where he was at, and took the elevator to his floor.

Once we got to his floor, we walked over to the front desk, and asked for Ray Marquez, the receptionist then called him and said, "Ray Marquez, your wife is here to see you." and a few seconds later the hottest man in the planet walks out!!! but sure enough Raychel beats me to him!

The kitchen area..

Ray's and his business partners office.

Realtor in training!

We love visiting daddy at work, and he loves seeing his ladies!

We hang out with ray for a little while, but he had to get back to prospecting. He walked us out, and Raychel almost forgot to give daddy his kiss goodbye, so I said, "Raychel give daddy un beso (a kiss) and un habraso (a hug) goodbye." as soon as I said that, she ran to Ray and gave him a big hug and a kiss goodbye!

The girls and I hung-out outside for a few minutes. Raychel got to run around and Oceana just enjoyed the views, and being outside.

*Those of you who don't know...Ray is no longer with Keller Williams he is with Intero, but him and his business partner got their own office in Pleasanton (which is this one we just went to visit him at). Soon, they both want to get their brokers license, that way one day they can have their own Real Estate Company.

Proverbs 13:11-12
Wealth gained by dishonesty will be diminished, But he who gathers by labor will increase. NKJ



  1. Go Ray!! That is so awesome. I love the girls, they are too cute. I love how Raychel is so independant and smart! And Oceana is just sweet and happy to tag along for the ride.

    You and Ray are adorable!! Cant wait till we can double date!!!


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