{10 Months!}

 Yesterday I said to Ray, ''Can you believe Oceana will be 1 in two months!?" He looked at her with disbelief, because she is just so petite she looks like a 6 month old still!! hahaha! And at that age Raychel was a lot bigger, had a few teeth and was already walking!! Well the good thing is she is finally getting a tooth! We seen it yesterday while we were shopping at Costco, she was sitting on the cart with her sister and she opened her mouth with excitement that her sister was able to sit right next to her and we seen this white thing on her gums, so we looked closer and its a tooth coming out!

Happy 10 month Birthday Oceana!



  1. she is too cute, I love pettite little girls...Izzy is pretty tiny too, she is still wearing a lot of 12 month. So hard to believe how quickly they grow up. Has she taken any steps on her own yet?

  2. No she has not taken any steps on her own yet lol! Its going to take her a little longer then her sister, but thats ok =).

  3. Izzy didn't take her first step until her first birthday. And then it took a couple months before she was able to walk more than 5 steps! She has been a little bit slow with everything...sitting up, crawling, walking!


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