Friday the girls and I went over to my parents, my mom had bought the girls little Easter baskets, and she gave it to them when we went over. Raychel loved her Easter basket and Oceana loved playing with the eggs.

Dad in the background all comfortable and relaxed...hahaha!

Oceana kept picking up the egg, and holding it at the palm of her hand, and then dropping it! It was the silliest thing ever!
It's weird, in this picture she drops the egg, but you cant see it only that bluish purple streak.
My parents doggy had a baby (they named her shadow), and Raychel loved playing and pretending she was the mommy.


We had such an amazing service at our church, it was so moving!  My parents actually surprised us and came to our church! After church we went over to my parents for a little bit, then we went back home and relaxed until it was time to meet Rays side of the family for dinner. We had a wonderful Easter Sunday!

Oceana playing with her Easter basket.

Raychel was sleeping, so Oceana was keeping herself entertained

Grandma Carol with all her grand kids!


Jacob and Raychel saying bye!

~Captivated, but no longer bound by chains!!!! Praise God!


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