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This past weekend I had some free time Saturday morning to spend with friends! First, I went to Meagan's Pamper Chef brunch party, then after I headed to Ashley's baby shower! It was so much fun! I really enjoyed hanging out with all these amazing ladies! I Love you all!

After spending my morning with friends, I was ready to get back home to my family, so we can all go and grab some dinner together! Ray took us to this restaurant in San Leandro for some good clam chowder!! ( I think it was San Leandro?) At this restaurant they had a fish tank, and after we were done eating we took the girls to see the fishes. Raychel and Oceana enjoyed looking at all the pretty fish! There was one that looked like Dori on "Finding Nemo" and Raychel said, "look! Dori! Dori!" hahaha it was cute! Oceana really enjoyed looking at the fish too, because once we pulled her away she started crying and arching her back... Oh, Oceana! hahaha!

Once we got home I put the girls PJ's on, and off they went to their room to play. Raychel came out of her room and went over to the living room were Ray and I were and in her hand she had all her princess stickers, and she began sticking them on daddy and mommy and then on little OC once she caught up and made it to the living room. We were all filled with stickers! We are one silly family and I love it!!


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  1. I'm so happy you came. You are one gorgeous mama! And you have one awesome family!!!!


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