Mondays are my grocery shopping days for our meals I make through out the week, and for the other small things we need. I love going on Mondays, because there is hardly anyone there. I have my girls with me so the less people the better. Raychel and Oceana do pretty good at the grocery store, thank God for the little car cart! I put the girls in and they love it! Raychel likes to pretend she is a tour guide driving her little sister around the grocery store, and pointing to all the fruits and everything else she knows how to say. Thank goodness for those car carts, because life would be a little more challenging without them!


  1. Olga, thank you for your sweet messages...I was very blessed by them and the time that you spent to read something so dear to my heart...
    I look forward to getting to know you my new blog friend ;-) I must say you have an absolutely beautiful family too and I love your girls names!!!

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