{My Turn In The Nursery}

Last Sunday was my turn in the Nursery to work

My heart wasn't in it; and my feelings were hurt;

A child from its mother did not want to part

And cried a lot with its broken heart

I prayed that soon the hour would end

Then I could relax - no more children to tend

Soon the hour was over - felt good to be free

I said, "Once a month is too much for me"

That very next Sunday as I sat in the pew

A very good sermon but visitors were few

But down came a women and her soul was saved

And she was that mother of that crying baby

Then it dawned on me that I had been a part

Of one being saved - giving God their heart

From that day on I never would dread

Working in the Nursery while souls were being fed

~Author Unknown~

I help out in the nursery once a month at my church, so reading this poem is really touching and I wanted to share for those who also help out in the nursery you are not only helping watch these childern, but you are helping saving souls for God. There also may be a time were a parent is going through something and really needs to hear the word of God and through that teaching God can speak to them and bring them peace.

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  1. I love this. I love my time in the nursery and never have thought of it that way. WOW. Thank you for this eye opener!


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