{Quality Time with Raychel!}

On Saturday we went over to Livermore to my parents house to put out another garage sale, since we are moving this coming weekend we need to get rid of some stuff we no longer use. Anyway, once we were finished with the garage sale we decided that Raychel is due for some quality time with just Ray and I, So we took her to the movies to go see "How to Train Your Dragon" In 3D! (Oceana stayed with my parents) We all had such a great time together! We walked downtown Livermore before we headed to the movie theater, and it was just really nice spending that quality time with her! She was super excited! We got to the movie theater and ordered some popcorn and a nice cold drink!

Raychel did GREAT!! She watched the whole movie with her 3D glasses on! The move was very cute, we all liked it very much!

Pictures at the garage sale....

We had a very fun Saturday!!!


  1. Oh wow sounds like fun, that's great that she can sit through a whole movie like that! Where are you guys moving too?

  2. Well we were going to move to pleasanton, but we have decided that we like Danville a little better then Pleasanton, so Danville it is!

  3. Danville is so nice! I'm sure you will LOVE it!!


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