{"Take Picture"}

Ok, so I am at the mall watching my girls play, and these two ladies are admiring my little girls, they are waving to them, clapping to get their attention, my girls look at them and smile and laugh, and the ladies are in awe that they smiled at them. The next thing I knew each lady was holding one of my girls and I believe they were telling their grandkids to "take picture, take picture." Note: the grandkids were in their early 20's, and there was like 5 of them, and all boys. anyway, so one of the guys asked me if the two ladies could take a picture with my girls, but before I could say anything they already had taken the picture! Goodness! So, I bust out my blackberry and I take a picture of them too! hahaha! You never know, just encase I have their picture too... hahaha! They seemed like genuine ladies, so I think we will be ok.

poor my little Raychel she looks a bit confused in the picture. She is probably thinking, who in the heck are these ladies and why are they holding me and why are we taking a picture with them!? hahaha!



  1. Oh my goodness, that is too funny! Looks like the girls had fun!

  2. hahaha! You are so sweet. Those ladies are adorable. I want a pic with the girls too!!!

  3. I am not surprised strangers couldn't resist holding your little girls, they are so dang cute! That is so funny though, I don't know what'd I'd think if someone did that w/ my boys haha. Oh and my little Connor is 10 months too, and still have not gotten any teeth! I think Cade had like at least 2 maybe 4 at that same age. But, like you, I can't believe he's going to be 1 in 2 months!


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