{That's Just How They Roll}

Im getting ready putting my makeup on and the girls are just hanging out playing with their toys or so I thought, until I looked over at them and seen this....

Oh!! how they love to unroll the toilet paper, more Oceana then Raychel, but she takes part in it too!

Oceana wants to be just like her big sister, Raychel has a stroller that she is always pushing around the house ( we have two but she likes one better then the other) and Oceana has been trying to take Raychel's favorite stroller and push it around like Raychel does, but of course Raychel does not let her play with her favorite stroller, so we gave Oceana the one Raychel likes least to see if she can push it around the house too, but the stroller was too light and it would go to fast for Oceana to keep up with it that we decided to put books to make it just heavy enough for her to keep up, and it worked! She was off rolling with her sister!!

Raychel and Oceana partners in crime!! What will they unroll or roll next!?!

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