{Mother's Day}

Early Sunday morning we met up with Ray's Mom, Sister, Brother and their little families for some nice breakfast at Mimi's Cafe. While we were just about getting ready to leave to head out to church they brought out some yummy cup cakes and sang Happy Birthday to us! It was so sweet of them! After church we ran some errands with Ray, since being in Real Estate.. work never stops! Which is fine, just as long as I get to be by Ray's side I'm happy. Later that evening we met up with my mom, dad and sister at Chevy's for dinner. Ernie's Birthday fell on mothers day this year, so he spent it with friends instead. It's funny... because it's my brothers Birthday on May 9th, Ray's is the 10th and mine is the 11th hahaha!! I love that mine and Ray's Bday is only a day apart! Anyway, Mother's Day was a very nice day with family :)


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  1. Happy Mothers day and Happy birthday to you and Ray!!!! You look so gorgeous in these pics (as usual!). Lets get together and celebrate! Let me know what your schedule looks like =)


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