{Play Date with Aidan and Jordan}

Early Thursday morning Brittany & Aidan come over to our place and from here we left together to head over to Marissa's casa for a play date! The kids all had a great time, besides all of them being in a stage where none of them want to share they did pretty good hahaha! Jordan and Raychel are such girly girls, they love their princess shoes, and love pretending to be little mommies. Aidan is such a cutie pie... he was pushing the stroller and Jordan went over towards him to try to grab it from him but as soon as Aidan seen that Jordan was headed his way he took off faster then Speedy Gonzales!!!!!! Hahahahaha!! Kids are just too funny they say and do the funniest things!! Raychel always does the silliest, most embarrassing things! Brittany, Marissa you know what I am talking about... hahaha!! Goodness, that girl!

After the kids played at Marissa's house for a while we headed to a deli close to her house for lunch. For some reason at the deli the kids loved running back and forth it was too funny! The good thing was that there wasnt a lot of people there, and the owners didnt say anything about them running back and forth, but Im pretty sure they were glad when we left...hahaha! It was such a good time seeing the little ones play together and having a good time... all that was missing was little Rowan and Meagan... next time!!


  1. LOL That was too cute and funny what Raychel did!!

    So much fun can't wait to do it again!!

  2. I just started cracking up when I remembered what Raychel did. That was soooo funny! They were all so cute together. I can't wait to get them all together again soon :) Thanks again for coming over!

  3. I love the pics, they are so dang cute!!!


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