{Sprinkler Fun!}

A few day ago I went to turn on the sprinklers, because our grass was getting ugly and we don't have the sprinklers on a set time (I need to let ray know to set it). While I went to go turn them on Oceana walked out of the front door and onto the grass as the sprinklers we going off! Poor little Oceana she got so scared and soaked! Once I seen her and heard her cry I tried turning the sprinklers off as fast as I could that the little twisty thing to turn them off and on fell off!! I couldn't find where it went, so not only did O.C. get soaked I did too! I then ran and got Oceana, then Raychel comes out of the house and sees that Oceana and mommy are wet she starts laughing and runs in the sprinklers and get herself wet! hahaha! Well... the good thing is... it was nice and hot out, so I just let her have some fun in the sprinklers!


ps. It took me a while to find the twist thing, since I was trying to find it while the sprinkler was hitting away fom that area, but eventually I found it! Thank God I did or else I would have a pond in my front yard!

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