Last Saturday we went to Dawns 40th 70's birthday party. It was so much fun dressing up in the 70's and seeing what everyone else was wearing! Dawn & Rich's home is so beautiful, and outside they decorated it with a disco ball, all these beautiful lights, they had a dance floor, a bar area, it looked amazing, super nice! The party was a lot of fun, we danced, ate some delicious Mexican food, and enjoying celebrating Dawns B-day!!! Happy 40th birthday Dawn! <3

On our way to Dawn & Rich's Casa!

The backyard

Her Cake!

The Center Pieces

The Birthday Girl!

The Backyard Starting to Fill Up!

The Hubby and I <3

We partied in the 70's and took it all the way 2010!
(not sure what thats supposed to mean, but it just sounded good to me lol)


  1. OMG your outfits are adorable... your hair looks great! how fun :)

  2. Looks like a blast! What a great idea!


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