{Show Stoppers!}

I don't mean to brag, but my girls are literally show stoppers! Everywhere we go we get comments on how beautiful our girls are. Yesterday we went to Costco and this man who seen Oceana literally yelled for his wife saying, "Hon... Hon... look...look at this precious little face!" I love it!! haha! They both get so many comments where ever we go... at the airport, target, mall, grocery store, starbucks, just out walking, at the park, at dinner.... anywhere!! There has never been a day were I have gone somewhere and no one says anything about my girls. There is still that one outing that hasn't been topped... the "take picture" incident..haha! Anyway, but besides how beautiful they are they are amazing girls, and we are so blessed to have these healthy beauties as our children. Thank you heavenly father for letting me take care of these beautiful girls that belong to you, guide me on setting good examples for them, so when the times comes for them to make their own choices that they would choose what is pleasing in your eyes, and when they fall that they would get right back up and get back on your path. Thank you Lord for everything you have giving me! I praise you and glorify you! Thank you for your love, compassion and your mercy!


  1. They sure are beautiful!! It's the best feeling getting so many compliments on how beautiful you little ones are. I always tell John that it is so amazing that we get so many comments about how beautiful she is, and he says...well it's true she is cute!!! HAHHAHA!!!

  2. Your kiddos are adorable! Imagine what they'll look like as teenagers being as gorgeous as they are now!

  3. sweetest post ever... what an amazing prayer and you have two precious lil blessings ;)


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