{Blackhawk Plaza & Daddy's Office at J. Rockcliff}

Last week, my sister, the girls and I headed to blackhawk plaza to hang out and feed the ducks. The girls have so much fun there, they love feeding the ducks and playing on the playground. After a nice little time of walking the plaza we headed to Ray's office which is right next to the plaza. The girls love to go visit daddy at his office, and daddy loves when his little girls come to see him at work!

Ray just hired a new assistant (Lori) to help him out with all the paper work, since he is becoming more and more busy (praise God!). It is such a blessing to see my husbands business grow! I am so excited that Lori will be apart of our team, and she will be in this journey of growing with us! I know we are going to reach the stars! My husband is such a hard worker and very motivated, he is not lazy whatsoever! He is not only determined on reaching his goals, but going beyond them. 

With God all things are possible!  Our success we owe it all to you Lord.


  1. Love the pictures. And it is the most awesome feeling knowing that your hubby is striving for success in all aspects of his life! You should be proud of how well he is doing for your family!!

  2. YAY! I'm so happy for you guys. And I'm so proud of you all! I LOVE YOU MUCHO!!!!!!


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