{Broken Home, But Not a Broken Family}

On Friday October 8th, while my parents/sister were at work and brother in school, my parents home got broken into. They had taken all my sister and mom's jewelry(watches, necklaces, rings that have been in the family for years), brand new $300 boots my sister just bought last Tuesday, a few thousand dollars my dad had saved in his safe( encase of an emergency), pass a ports, birth certificates, and cell phones. So sad. They work so hard for these things, for someone just to take them in a split second.

My brother was the first to realize that they have been robbed. He got home from school, opened the door to get into the house, everything looked normal for they did not mess up or take anything from the living room and kitchen, but when he walked over to his room and seen his bed flipped over and a mess everywhere, then looked at the other rooms and seen clothes all over and the beds moved, he knew that someone has or is in the house! So, he said he went to the kitchen grabbed a knife just encase someone was still in the house, he then walked over to the room in the back (the master bedroom) and seen the same thing clothes everywhere the bed flipped and a mess everywhere! My brother then called my sister, who at the time was at the in-n-out drive through getting lunch on her lunch break. As soon as my brother told her what had happen she rushed over to the house and called the police, and then called mom to let her know what had happened. Mom then got to the house and when she seen the rooms her eyes filled with tears, but glad that know one was hurt. Dad then got home and seen everything and was strong about the whole situation, he was also just glad that nothing had happened to his wife and kids.

The next day (October 9th) we all went out to dinner to celebrate my moms birthday which was October 7th the day before they got robbed. We are all so happy to have each other, none of the material things can ever brake us apart! We can be left with nothing, but if all we have left is God and our family then we have it ALL! We are so blessed to be healthy and alive! We all enjoyed being together at Macaroni Grill while eating some delicious foods! 

Thank you Lord Jesus for giving my parents, sister and brother strength for what they have gone through this past week and we hope that they are able to get back most of the things that have been taking. This person or person's who came into my parents house are just hungry for love, and they try to find it through material things. I pray that they will know you one day father God, and know that it is not about material things, but about your love, and how great your love is that it surpasses anything of this world.  I pray father God that they may repent and ask for your forgiveness and through this that you may be glorified!!  I praise you in the highest for you are God of gods, King of Kings, Lord of lords, you are LOVE!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! <333333333333


  1. That is so sad. I'm so glad everyone is okay and that there is so much love in your family to pull through a difficult time! Happy Birthday to your Mom!!! Looks like it was a lovely dinner!

  2. It is so sad that there are such bad people out there. You're right...they are hungry for love and obviously they don't know the God we serve. I'm glad your family was ok. I always remind myself anytime I feel like I have had something taken away from me of the scripture...whatever Satan steals from us...God will restore it times seven!! I have found that scripture so true in my life. I love your outlook on life about family and God! Thanks for the sweet comment on my kitchen and picture!!

  3. Wow, that is horrible, but it sounds like your family is very strong and can pull together in the rough times. I love your outlook on life, it is so refreshing to hear it :)

  4. That is so sad & horrible! I'm so glad that everyone is okay and you all were still able to celecrate your mom's bday! :)


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