On Tuesday my sister, the girls and I went to Carmel! It is so beautiful there, and the weather was perfect for a beach day! The girls had so much fun playing in the sand, and Raychel had fun getting her feet wet, well she ended up getting all wet, because a wave came and swept her away (scared me) and fell in the water, I had to run in and grab her! I thought the waves were going to take her, but they were not it just seemed like it because of how they waves go back in. Other then that it was a nice time and the girls had tons of fun playing in the sand!

God's Beauty!

Auntie Elizabeth coming back from taking Raychel to the potty! Thanks sis!

 Poor my pumpkin, This was after the wave took her down.

 Oceana sticked her face in the sand and did not like it!

These birds were watching the girls eat their crackers hoping to get some!

The best part of the day is when... the girls hear their daddy come home from work, and they take off running towards him screaming... daddy, daddy!! <3



  1. That's so sweet, I love the pictures of the girls running to thier Daddy...precious!

  2. How fun!!! I'm glad the ocean didn't take her away!

    PS That is so cute they love you and Ray sooo much. I love you all!

  3. Love the pics of the girls running towards daddy, so precious!


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