{Cousin Love}

Raychel & Jacob

These two are the cutest! They love each other so much! I am so happy that my sister-in-law had one more (she has 3 boys all together) and that Ray and I got pregnant with Raychel right away! These two are only 7 months apart!! They are the BEST cousins ever! 


  1. They are sooo cute, they look alot alike!! I wish my girls had cousins close in age; that'd be so fun (: Your family is so beautiful, love the new header photo! Happy weekend (:

  2. they are too cute!!

  3. Cousins are the best, Izzy has two cousins that she has become very close with and they have the best time with each other...it makes me feel not so bad about not having a sibling for her to play with! Maybe soon, ahhh if only life went the way we planned.


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