{Dad's Birthday}

Sunday we went to church, went back home, watched the Raiders win, and in the evening we headed to my parents house to celebrate my dad's birthday! We had a nice dinner together and watch a movie. I love spending time with family, it is the BEST!

 This picture of my dad is too funny, he was tring not to blink so he made sure his eyes were wide open! Oh, dad... haha!

Hugo, Elizabeth and my little munchkin!

Me and the hubs!


  1. Great family pics! Your hair looks great in the last pic! :)

  2. Happy birthday to the dad! And hearing RAiders mentioned makes me think of my life in California for 24 years:). All of our family back there are big RAiders fans;). Now out in NC we don't follow much sports but, we are still Lakers fans:). Your little one looks a lot like her daddy;)!

  3. @ casey... How is it living in NC after living in CA for 24 years? I have never lived outside CA so i am just curious to know if its nice living in a different state other then CA? I hear people say that they lived in other states, but that CA is the best. I do hear people say that other states are so much better.

    I also think my littlest looks like her daddy =)

  4. I love the picture of you and ray..GORGEOUS>

    PS I Elizabeth and her boyfriend are SO DANG CUTE. They would make beautiful babies :)

  5. I also love the pic of you and Ray. Such a cute couple:) Happy Birthday to your Dad!


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