{The Play Room}


20 minutes later...

Then mommy cleans it up again and again, and then one last time at the end of the night for it to look like the first picture first thing tomorrow morning! ahhhh!

Raychel wanted to get in the picture.
 I need to get a nice little black couch in this room so it doesn't look so empty... well I guess it looks pretty full when all the toys are everywhere... haha!


  1. I think having a play room is so awesome! I don't have a room in my house that could really double as that but, I might end up letting our dining room become more of a toy haven:). Isn't it crazy how fast kids can blow through every single toy they have and then be bored 10 minutes later! haha:) Thanks for your comment today:). Hope your week is going well!

  2. You are the best mommy. That is how my living area looks too! <33

  3. I love how your playroom is so organized :) Ours doesn't look quite as neat as that considering Izzy cleans it up herself most days...things are always put in the wrong place, but she does her best and loves to help out with the cleaning and every day chores, she gets so proud of herself and then she brings us in to look at it, I just don't have the heart to redo it!! I love how much of a little helper she has become over the past few months.


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