{Tea Party}

Our favorite play time is having a tea party together! I put out little snacks for us and I pour some juice in the little tea pot to pretend we are pouring tea =). I love just sitting with them while we enjoy some snacks. I love talking with Raychel and seeing/hearing her pretend to be a grown up. Oceana says all these things that I quit don't understand haha! Its cute, she pretends to be having a conversation with us.

 Daddy joined our tea party!

After tea party it was off to bed...

Thank Heaven for little girls! <333


  1. awww they are so cute. Gotta love tea party time.

  2. I agree! thank Heaven for little girls. They are so much fun and that tea party looks way too cute! Can't wait till I get to do stuff like that with my munchkin! :)

  3. this is so adorable, it makes me want a girl SO bad. my boys would have the tea party on the floor in no time flat :( i would like to buy a cute set and try... i love that Daddy joined them LOL


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