{Wedding Fun!}

On Saturday Ray and I went to Tiffany and Martin's wedding in livermore at the Purple Orchid. It was a beautiful outdoor wedding. The food was delish, and we had such a fun time hanging out with friends that we havent seen in a while. At the wedding they had a photo booth ( photo booths are becoming pretty popular at weddings and birthdays) and we all got in and took some fun pictures together, making some great/fun memories!

I feel so bad, I tried taking a picture of the bride and groom, but they came out all blurry =(


  1. SO MUCH FUN!! you and your Hubby make such a cute couple :) love your dress, too xoxo

  2. Photobooth looks like a ton of fun!! ;)

  3. Olga... I love your hair!! Great pictures...looks like a fun Wedding!! You and your hubby are also such a good looking couple!!

  4. How fun!!! I just looove the photobooths. You guys are adorable!


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