On Halloween we got together with Rich & Dawn and their kiddos Riley & Devon, and their neighbors. After a delicious dinner we all headed out to go trick or treating! It was so sweet watching Raychel go to the doors and say, "trick or treat!" and then "thank you!" after receiving her candy. She had tons of fun and we enjoyed watching her have fun! Oceana kinda just stickied with daddy the whole time, and watched the kiddos.

 We made sure to get them a little bucket that way they/we wont have so much candy around the house!


  1. I'm LOVING the Wonder Woman costume! Too Cute!!

  2. Your girls are so adorable! I love all the pictures!

  3. Garrett was totally cracking up at Oceana in her little costume. She is sooo cute, she kills me!! And Raychel is such a pretty princess!

  4. the girls are so adorable! love all the children, that's what Halloween is all about :) brady and parker have the same black and white checkered vans LOL


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