If there's a sentence my girls say about 258 times a day, it's "That's Mine!!!!!!!!!"

They remind me of the birds from the movie Finding Nemo... 


These girls have all these toys and they want to play with the one the other has! I can hear them in their room saying, "That's MINE!" Raychel-"That's mine, Oceana!" Oceana-"No, MIIINE!" Oh, brother! I have to have two of everything!

When we go anywhere or have someone over for a play date, they will take all their toys squeeze on to them for dear life and its like they don't even enjoy the playdate with even their dearest of friends or cousins. They are always arguing that, that's theirs! It's embarrassing...people probably think we hardly ever discipline our girls!

Well...now...they are doing a lot better. Raychel knows if she can't share then no one is playing with it or she will get a time-out. Raychel dislikes time-outs! Oceana is a little tough because she is still little to understand a whole lot, but we try to explain it to her the best we can, and sometimes she will also get little time-outs in her crib.  

All in all I think most toddlers go through this stage and it's just a phase, but this is a time to show/teach them about being nice to others, sharing, and taking turns. I want my girls to have a heart for people and make people happy and by doing so they will feel rewarded. I want them to love people and see the good in everyone, because God created us and He loves each and everyone of us.


  1. Oh yes, the mine phase:) I don't have to have a kiddo that age to know about that:) hehe. It's coming for me in about two years;). Isn't it funny to see how our human nature reveals itself from so early on and then as parents we get to teach our children about a spiritual nature that gives, and is selfless through years of patience and love. Awesome!

  2. Rowan is the same way! You are doing such a good job of raising loving, sweet little girls!


  3. wow super funny!!! mine!!!!! mine!!! lol!! @ lunch jus checking. out your beautiful blog sis!! love you!


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