{Park Randoms}

 Oceana is so determined. She was going up the slide ( the wrong way), because she seen her sister going up the slide and she wanted to try it too. She kept trying and falling and sliding back down, then she fell really hard and hit her poor little face, that's when I said, "that's it! No more going up the slide!" and brought her back down. A few minutes later I see her trying to go back up the slide again!! This time she did it, she made it to the top!! When Oceana wants something she keeps on going till she gets it!

 Raychel is such a sweet helper, she was helping Oceana get down.


  1. The weather looks so nice there! I wish we could still wear shorts and tshirts! Its getting colder & colder in Kansas! :(
    The girls are just adorable!

  2. These pictures are absolutely adorable!! Great eye capturing the moments by the way and can I just say that I can't wait till I can take my little one to the park...we could go now but, it would be more for my enjoyment than hers;) Soon though!

  3. I love little OC. She is so feisty and cute. And Raychel is so gorgeous. <33

  4. these are great pictures, i love time spent at parks :)

  5. Ok seriously, your girls could SO model - they are absolutely beautiful and so photogenic!! I love the brown and white outfit that Raychel has on in some of the photos, so cute!! Btw, your comments always make my day - you are so sweet! I had to laugh about your post below this one, we are Cheifs fans and Raider haters!!!! Ok, haters is mean to say lol but they're our rival (: It was such an exciting game! Congrats on the win (: Next time we'll getcha (; haha



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