{Ray's Christmas Present}

2008 Black Mercedes S550 amg package 3 26,000 miles

CONGRATS LOVE BUG!!!!!! You deserve it!!!


{Christmas 2010}


We headed over to my mother-in-laws for dinner and to get together with the rest of the family.


Stay tuned for Ray's Christmas present!!!!!


{Raychel's Birthday Party}

This past Saturday we invited just our immediate family and a few friends over to celebrate Raychel's 3rd Birthday. It was nice and small compared to her 1st and 2nd birthday were we gone all out, so this year we decided to do something small. Even though it was small and no other kids her age, Raychel had tons of fun just being the center of attention.

Raychel cracks me up because as soon as everyone was done enjoying some yummy pizza we had cake and right after she blew out the candles she ran to all the presents and began opening them up! Hahaha... she is hilarious.

We really enjoyed celebrating our angles birthday with our fam! Thanks for coming everyone!

PS my parents we not there, because they had left bright and early to Mexico. Oh, and we also missed the Miller family (Ray's sister, hubby and her 3 boys) =(