{Raychel's first time in front of an audience}

This past Sunday at church the 2 1/2 - 3 year olds sang a few Christmas songs for the whole church! This was Raychel's first time in front of an audience, and she did amazing!! She sang so good, and moved her little hands. It was the cutest thing EVER!! I loved it!! I was such a proud mommy waving at her, and taking pictures. Dad had a huge smile on his face watching his angel sing. Oceana pointed to her sister and clapped <333

In the morning on our way to Church I told Raychel that she was going to sing in front of the church and that daddy and mommy were going to be watching her, so when her little class came out holding hands... Raychel was looking all over the place for daddy and mommy ( it melted my heart) so I stood up right away for her to see me and as soon as she did she had a huge smile and waved. I LOVE IT!

They sang 5 songs, the 1st was Happy birthday Jesus 2. If I were a camel 3. twinkle, twinkle special star 4. In a little stable 5. we wish you a Merry Christmas 

Raychel is in the front bottom row wearing a black dress and her gold shoes


  1. SO sweet!! Braycen has his first choir concert for church on Sunday... I think he'll have a breakdown & run off stage.. lol But, I cant wait to see him up there!!

  2. That is the cutest thing ever!!!! She is such a star doing all the moves.

    I just love her!

  3. That is so sweet, she is so adorable.

  4. That is adorable, I love watching my kiddo do stuff like that, but I still cry every time!

  5. How Precious! That is so sweet! It sounds like she did a great job :)

  6. WE had the kid's do a Christmas production at our church this SUnday and I think Joey and I both sat there enjoying it more than ever because we now have a little one and can't wait for her to be in a production:). I can only imagine how precious it must have been to see your baby girl on stage all excited when she saw you!!


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