{Raychel's Quotes}

Last week I was getting ready and out of the blue Raychel comes in and says, "Mommy, Jesus loves me." I said, "Yes honey He does!" Then she says, " Jesus can see us, but we can't see him. Jesus loves daddy, Oceana, Raychel, Mommy, Jacob (her cousin) and Jordan (her best girlfriend)." I said, "Yes He does, He loves everybody." It was such a blessing to hear her say this, specially, because it was so random. We were not listening to any Christian songs, we were not even talking about Him. I am so Thankful that I know of Jesus Christ and that my children will also know of Him!


  1. I love this, that's so sweet! I also love all of the new pictures!!

  2. I love Raychel. and I love you so so much!

  3. it is so amazing, the other day Brady walked out of his Advent Program and said, "thank you GOD!" paul asked what he was thankful for, and he said, "i'm thankful because i had a good day." that sweet and innocent they are- LOVE!!!


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