{Raychel's First Dentist Appointment}

Raychel did awesome at her first dentist appointment!! She was so good, she did everything our dentist asked her to do. She sat still the whole time, never once did she whine about anything! She did great! Our dentist Micheal said Raychel had perfect teeth, nice and clean, no cavities, and to keep up the good work of brushing and flossing!

We are so proud of you Raychel, you are such a good girl!! You did amazingly great!

Pics via blackberry


  1. I was beginning to wonder when I am supposed to take DAisy..some people say she needs to go at one year old..pulease how will they even get her to open her mouth. lol. Raychel looks so cute and smiley:)

  2. I am dreading setting up Izzy's first appt. she hates brushing her teeth and anything going in her mouth so it should be an absolutely horrible experience...hahaha. Not loooking forward to it, I'm so envious of well behaved your girls seem!

  3. Brady just had his second appt this week. First one scared him, but he did it. Second one, he was scared to go, but as soon as we got into the office he was a champ! Isn't it so cute to see them in the chairs w the nurses and dentist being so big?!

  4. That's something to be proud about, for both you and your dentist. If a kid can have a good experience with their dentist, and learn how to take care of their teeth, they would have nothing to fear about dental appointments as they grow up. Raychel is being pretty awesome in those pics by letting the dentist do his job.


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