{Coffee Creamer Taste Challenge}

Marissa (my bff ) and I are such nerds with our Hazelnut coffee creamer. We love hanging out with our girls and drinking coffee with Hazelnut creamer! Well, there are two brands that we like; the Coffeemate and the Lucerne(Safeway brand) of Hazelnut creamer. Naturally, we wanted to find out which one tastes best. Soooo….we decided to challenge them. A few weeks ago I went over to her place, she already had the Coffeemate one and I brought the Lucerne one. We made a pot of coffee and each had two cups of coffee with the respective creamers in each cup. Here are some pictures of our coffee creamer taste test! This is truly what best friends are for LOL!!!!

(pictures taken with marissa's cam)
The cups of coffee - pre-creamer

 The challengers:
 Pouring the coffeemate
 Pouring the Lucerne
 My Turn

And the WINNER is:

Its a TIE - they tasted the same to both of us hahah….so our advice is to buy whichever one is on sale Enjoy!!!

I hope this is as entertaining for you all as it was for us!


  1. That's too funny!! I love me some flavored coffe creamers!! What kind of coffee do you like?

  2. :) Love you BFF!!! That was a fun day for sure!

  3. I <3 this! Right now I'm testing out coconut creme.. gotta love some extra flavor to a good ol cup of 'joe.



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