{Belly Business}

I am half way there... praise God!

Pregnancy Highlights

How far along: 20 weeks and 5 days

Size of baby: weighs about 10 1/2 ounces & is 6 1/2 inch long from head to bottom

Total weight gain: I have no clue?! the last dr appt. she said I had lost 5 ponds! So now I am stuffing my face even when I am not hungry. I have to fatten this baby up!

 Maternity clothes: Not yet, but pretty soon!

 Gender: So we decided to still wait!

Movement: Yes, little flutters and sometimes some strong kicks!

Sleep: Ok, could be better

What I miss: nothing right now

 Cravings: Nothing really

Symptoms: Growing belly, bleeding gums (when I brush my teeth)...yucky!

Best moment this week: Feeling the baby move a little more and a little stronger and hearing its beautiful heart beat!


  1. Wow...half way...you look beautiful!!!

  2. You are so cute! I love the baby bump :) Half way there!!!

  3. Girl...you look so beautiful!!! I love your hair!!!

  4. you look beautiful as always girl!



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