{Belly Business}

Warning: Lots of belly pics!

Pregnancy Highlights


How far along: 22 weeks!

Size of baby: weighs about 1 pound & is about 11 inch long


Total weight gain: I have no clue?! 10 or 15? I will for sure know on my next appointment.


Maternity clothes: Not yet, but pretty soon!

Gender: As you all know we found out and it's a beautiful girl, McKenzie Marie!

Movement: Yes, flutters and some strong kicks


Sleep: Ok, could be better

What I miss: Sushi

Cravings: Sushi =(

Symptoms: Growing belly!

Best moment this week: Raychel & Ray finally feeling Mckenzie's kicks!


  1. You are so lovely, how I wish I had a little preggo belly like yours. I was ginourmous at 22 weeks. People asked me if I was having twins. Eeek!

    Congrats once again

    Write it in Lipstick

  2. Great Pics...you are just too cute!!! I love the name you have picked!

  3. awww I love the pictures. You look so incredible and gorgeous!

  4. Girl this is your THIRD!!! And look how incredibly amazing you look!! Kudos to you my friend!!!

  5. I love all the belly pics, you and Mckenzie (your belly) look great! You have that mommy glow :)


  6. Omg Olga you are just so beautiful!!! You should model! Loooove the photos - you make pregnancy look so easy, I'm jealous!! hehe (: And CONGRATS on the girl!!!! I am SOOOOO excited for you guys!!!! She will be just as gorgeous as her sisters!! Three princesses, you guys are so blessed!

  7. I so hope I am that cute when pregnant! I love the name!

  8. You are gorgeous! Congrats. Can't wait to experience this again!


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